MAPEH ACTIVITIES - S. Y. 2009 - 2010



- Opening of the Nutrition Month Program - July 3, 2009
  • Hataw sayaw

- Carascian Olympics - July 10, 2009
  • Sports Festival
  • Poster Slogan Contest
  • Essay Writing Contest
  • Jingle Singing Contest

- AH1N1 and Dengue Sym[posium - July 24, 2009 ( MOrning )
- Mr. & Ms. CRSHS Campus Icon '09 - July 24, 2009 ( Afternoon )

- Culmination Program - July 31, 2009
  • Awarding of Winners
  • Busog Lusog Campaign ( Feeding Program)


* A Fun Nutrition Month

The MAPEH Federated Club launched a lot of activities enjoyed by the
stuents for the whole month of July. And it was a definite success.

Students had the opportunity to mingle with other students of other year levels through their dorms
(called for eevery group). We had the chance to show our skills and abilities through the different competitions
and contest for the whole month. There is no doubt that we had fun because through the smiles in our faces,
it is a two thumbs-up. Great cooperation within the students was developed. We do believe that we have grown
more and learned more.

We are also thankful to the staff, headed by Mrs. Fe M. Bonono, who showed the never -ending exertion
of effort for this event to be pushed through. They have been strong enough to handle the responsibilities and
obligations throughoout the event. And we admire you all for that. And even if there were technical problems, you
were able to find solutions to launch the event and activities continuously.

This was a great experience worth to be treasured and not to be forgotten. We are sincerely thankful and
blessed in participating to those activities. We hope to see more of you in the days and months to come.

God bless and more power!


* On The Nutrition Month Activities of the MAPEH CLUB

The youth are in need for fun in learning. And we are thankful for the MAPEH Federated Club
for celebrating the Nutrition Month with the students and teachers.

It was a great step for sharing needed information and reality about Dengue and Health through
symposiums. Contests and competitions were also keys in opening the hidden talents of our students.
Now, we are confident in easily identifying students with gifted abilities and others who are potential and
to be developed. Students have also become more confident of themselves since yhey have raised
themselves from the shyness bar to the friendly one. Groupiing them with other students was a good idea
for them to speak out and cooperate.

We also acknowledge the hard work shown by the staff with Mrs. Fe M. Bonono, The MAPEH Adviser.
Leading all the activities was a good start in developing their leadership ability. And even if technical and
environmental problems were present, they were able to pass through the whole and continue the actiivities
prepared. All of them were responsible enough to handle all the challenges.

We wont deny the fun that the students had and the teachers as well. More of life matters were added in
our learning that we could share with others. And even if the culmination and closing of the nutrition month
has been done, we believe we would be seeing more of the MAPEH Club. We hope all of you would be able
to give more and share more. Now, I definitely could say that the Nutrition Month launched by the MAPEH
Federated Club last month of July, was a great success.

Thank you and God bless.



Month of July, considered as Nutrition and MAPEH Month is one of the year's most important celebration.
In line with the Nutrition Month's celebration of Caraga Regional Science High School, different feedbacks
were drawn from the MAPEH Federated Club, faculty and staff and from the student buddy.

From the opening program and "Hataw Sayaw" activity, many had reacted. Some commented that it's nice
and that they were able to enjoy the program. Teachers said that it was fun and that they were able to dance
and exercise because of the "Hataw Sayaw". Students said that they were delighted on how tyhe activity was
planned and thus, the opening program was conducted successfully.

The next activity which many had responded was the essay writing contest, poster making contest and the
Sportsfest. Students said that i t was very fun and appealing to them for they were able to showcase their talents
in sports, at the same time they had fun in playing with their schoolmates. In line with the Sportsfest, rhe four
dormitories were also presented - HUFFLEPUFF, SLYTHERIN, GRYFFINDOR and RAVENCLAW. Teachers also
said that it was great and that the presentation of yells made the whole campus shout.

The last big event was the Mr. and Ms. CANPUS ICON '09. Faculty and staff commented that it was alluring. The
muses and escorts of each dormitory were all well-groomed. Students said that they were amused by vthe activities
done by the MAPEH Federated Club.
For the MAPEH Federated Club, despite the problems, obstacles encountered, everybody was happy that all the
activities of the MAPEH and Nutrition Month were held successful with everybody's help and because not even a
single officer said NO!